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Bolder, clearer and braver.

International packaging and brand agency Bluemarlin came to us to tackle their own rebrand. The result was a visual identity that was bolder, clearer, braver and drew attention to the most important thing — the quality and success of their creative work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

We took the brand mark and made it absorb client attributes. Working with Schweppes, it fizzed as tonic. Working with Shell, it poured as oil. Not only did the mark adapt, it did it boldly, dynamically, bravely, helping Bluemarlin communicate their value through the impact they achieve for their clients.

When a company has five Creative Directors, it becomes inveterately difficult to get consensus on the right solution.

A solution like this is only for the brave. Under most circumstances, reproducing creative quality becomes prohibitively expensive or implementation deteriorates as it stretches capabilities too far. But creative agencies like Bluemarlin have the talent to adapt and apply this level of visual complexity every time.