Bristol & Bath Science Park

Creative Collisions

Bristol & Bath Science Park

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Driving innovation through the medium of the happy accident.

Bristol & Bath Science Park is a £30 million development providing the space, flexibility and support for science and technology businesses to accelerate their growth and success. At the core of this is the concept of 'creative collisions': the belief that even accidental meetings can generate real innovation and that new ways of working can create extraordinary results.

Epic numerals were used to create the Meeting Space signage.

"We knew from the start that our brand had to reflect the uniqueness and inspired vision of the Park. The result was disruptive, dynamic work that completely captured everything we stand for."

Bonnie Dean OBE — Chief Executive, BBSP

The Forum – a shared space to encourage Creative Collision.

Fascinated by the notion of science throwing up the unexpected, yet always following a logical process, we wanted to create a playful, engaging wayfinding and interior graphics system that guided tenants and visitors whilst also encouraging discovery and inspiring creativity.

A 'right-angle free' brochure.

We created printed documents with no right-angles and intricate card engineering, striking, challenging imagery and a fluidly responsive website, amounting to a brand that delivers an element of surprise alongside reassuringly easy-to-access information and one that pays close attention to user experience. This was, and continues to be, a very strong and highly-creative relationship.