• Naming
  • Strategy
  • Purpose
  • Brand Behaviour
  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • App UI
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Packaging

Welcome to the Sharing Age.

Entrepreneurs Dan and Jim wanted to develop a mass market, viable alternative to single use takeaway food and drink containers. They were founders with a strong sense of purpose (our kind of people) so we embarked on a fascinating journey together to create their new brand.

CanCan is a simple scaleable system seeking to reduce waste in cities around the world, our challenge was to help them change the conversation from disposable, to reusable to shareable. The idea was simple, by collaborating and sharing resources we could eliminate single use disposables. The plan, to build a sustainable sharing system for a world with finite resources — Together we CanCan.

We created CanCan from the ground up… the name and visual identity, the playfully repetitive tone of voice, a purpose-led brand strategy and even the category definition — a unique and distinctive brand worthy of the founders' passion and drive.

Playful repetition was key to the CanCan tone of voice.

The CanCan brand purpose.

Helping CanCan to articulate their purpose was fundamental to this project. We developed a detailed brand playbook covering everything from messaging to brand behaviour — ensuring a strong, consistent application of the brand.

Building a strong community.

Togetherness means partnerships and collaboration.


Illustrations by Sam Hawkins.

The CanCan app enables the community to borrow and return their food containers, and helps keep them informed of the impact of their actions (just three uses of a CanCan container gets it to net zero, a pretty impressive proposition). We worked with behavioural scientists and the CanCan UX team to nuance the messaging and UI to build the digital brand experience.

A powerful product proposition.