Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward didn’t come to us with a brief — they came with an appetite for change. We are pretty straight talking — as are they — and they liked that. We had to get to the core of what these guys were all about — they were disruptive, real, no-nonsense people, and their new brand needed to reflect this.

A marque to represent the Swiss/English heart of the business and its digital roots.

We needed a partner that would challenge our way of thinking.

Mike France — Co. Founder

The C65 Vintage, the first watch to bear the new logotype at the 9 index.

The Christopher Ward founders set out to start a watch brand with a truly disruptive approach, challenging an industry they regarded as ‘the last great bastion of an old business model’. After merging with their Swiss manufacture, the industry started to really pay attention – this bold British watch brand needed to step up.

The last thing we needed was an agency that would only say what we wanted to hear.

Mike France — Co. Founder

Bucking the predictable convention of watch advertising.

Loupe Magazine.

Challenging the convention of what a luxury brand is plays a big part in the Christopher Ward story.

A logotype crafted for reproduction at minute sizes.

Inside the Atelier — the watchmakers are young, exciting and not what you expect.

The key to this rebrand was that it started within the business, it wasn’t imposed — to impose a brand, no matter how clever, wouldn’t be sustainable. The overriding response has been extremely positive within the business, and the now branding better reflects the feeling that most people have that they are part of more than ‘just another watch company’.