Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward

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  • Art Direction

The real watch revolution.

Christopher Ward didn’t come to us with a brief; they came with an appetite for change. We are pretty straight talking — as are they — and they liked that. We had to get to the core of what these guys were all about. They were disruptive, real, no-nonsense people, and their new brand needed to reflect this.

The marque represents the Swiss/English heart of the business and its digital roots.

"We needed a partner that would challenge our way of thinking."

Mike France — Co. Founder

The C65 Vintage, the first watch to bear the new logotype at the 9 index.

The Christopher Ward founders set out to start a watch brand with a truly disruptive approach; challenging an industry they regarded as ‘the last great bastion of an old business model’. When they with their Swiss manufacture, the industry started to really pay attention – and this bold British watch brand needed to step up.

A logotype crafted for reproduction at minute sizes.

Inside the Atelier — the watchmakers are young, exciting and not what you expect.