• Brand Creation
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental
  • Packaging
  • Photography

Feel Good Food. Creating an authentically 'good' brand.

The challenge with Friska was uncovering the ‘simple unique truth’ - and doing that quickly. The results gave this passionate team a brand structure they implement themselves. Friska grew from two restaurants to seven in four years and is expanding nationally - they needed a brand strong enough to scale-up.

Bringing the brand into the environments.

"Hello showed real commitment to us and quickly gained our trust and confidence."

Griff Holland — Founder, Friska

When Ed and Griff approached us, we invited them over and told them to bring their food. What we saw was a business where the personality and voice of the owners had to be brought forward. The results were not about fancy graphics or clever phrases – it was all about the food, the people, the lifestyle.

A simple blend of distinctive type and a house photographic style gives Friska the flexibility to express their own tone consistently and efficiently.

We commissioned a typeface and art directed a fashion photographer to shoot the food in a distinct style. The rest was about a tone-of-voice, letting the guys speak honestly, in their font, on their imagery. The brand guidelines handed-over the design language through examples, and lots of them, from signage to plates. We gave Friska a kit of parts, and the confidence to run with it.