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In the toy market, where products and trends are moving at an accelerated rate, strong client/agency relationship are vital. We've worked with many clients who face the daily scrutiny of super-savvy children; whose product ideas can be cut down with one dismissive shrug. Toy trends and crazes come and go. It's impossible to develop a new product and get it in-store before the latest craze has blown over, isn't it? We sit on Keycraft's Creative Board, and that's exactly what we do.

Slimes and putties are a global craze, so a me-too product won't maximise profit. Instead Keycraft asked: How can we combine other features to capitalise on interest, but minimise risk? We know more than a thing or two about collectables, so adding this aspect into a slime product was explored. In a little over two hours we had sketched a range of 24 'Goobands', each with a unique name, character face and collectable wrist band. Perfect for kids to show, collect and share with friends.

In three weeks we had brand, product designs and marketing ready to go – including photography, print and animation. Within 6 weeks units were in-stores across Europe, with impressive pre-orders. The first quarter saw 600K units sold, with three of the SKUs listed in the company’s top ten for business value. This commercial success came from a creative partnership, based on trust. It was a genuinely collaborative project that drew on all the skills and knowledge inside both businesses, made decisions and got to market fast.