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Branding for unimagined growth

Helastel are at the cutting edge of their sector, incorporating artificial intelligence into software solutions built for growing businesses. From the start point of a minimal, pared back symbol, the visual identity grows and evolves into a series of light beams linking an infinite number of constellations. The perfect visual expression of the new brand positioning statement: conscious software for unimagined growth.

"Hello were incredibly invested in really understanding us and our business. I'm so glad that we went in with an open mind and really trusted them throughout the process."

Mariela Popova, Marketing Manager.

Brand guidelines

Personalised e-signatures

We wanted to reflect Helastel’s bold, irreverent approach, and give the team something they could truly own and develop. The simplest definition of a capital H — representing the building blocks of code and points of connection in machine learning — break out into constellations linked by lightbeam graphics. This dual play, of the simple and infinitely complex, expresses the unimagined possibilities of artificial intelligence, and brings a playful pragmatism to the brand.

Sales leave behind

Personalised business cards

"The brand identity that Hello gave us is not only one that the team is incredibly excited about, but also one that clearly differentiates us in an already saturated market."

Mariela Popova, Marketing Manager.

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