How do you differentiate in a market where your competitors have equally beautiful photographs of cool-looking offices? Workplace design and build firm Interaction had a clear plan to focus on much larger projects. They had what it took to do so, but needed a new brand and communication plan to match. We uncovered a wealth of compelling stories, and revealed their core value, enabling Interaction to comfortably step-up.

Insightful content delivered in a personal, human way was key to positioning Interaction for success.

The ‘two dots’ in the logotype were freed, and go on to illustrate the journey of each project. No two iterations of the logo need ever be the same as the dots change their paths and positions each time they appear. These two dots playfully and disruptively weave their way through all communications.

We hired Hello, because if we hadn't, we'd have always wondered... what if...

Dieter Wood Managing Director

The single minded proposition that underpins everything Interaction do and say.

When premises and staff are the biggest costs for companies, great buildings and great interiors are not about looking good, they are about how they work for the people who use them, and how you maximise these investments. This is a the heart of the Interaction brand, summed up in their core proposition ‘Together we are more’.

Together we are more — an identity perfect for collaboration.

Since the rebrand Interaction has grown in line with their business plan, and they are not constrained by having the ability to sell locked in the heads of just a few people. In a very competitive market, Interaction stands out with engaging stories and clear expertise in their sector. They don’t just hold a portfolio of great looking workspaces, they prove how workplace design generates value for businesses by understanding people.