Dossier — Issue 2

Here we are with a second issue of Dossier, still finding our editorial feet, but enjoying the process and feeling more confident thanks to your hugely positive feedback about issue one.

As we sit here, looking into the face of 2017, we are trepidatiously feeling around to see what the seismic changes in our political landscapes, here and in the U.S, will bring. Rather than add to the frenzy of hard-fought debate, we’ve taken a light-hearted approach and curated our pick of the creative world’s reactions to Mr Trump. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to find out more about these creatives — or at the very least, their musings will sprinkle a little humour on your daily politics.
And so to Brexit. In the spirit of European togetherness and collaboration, we have an interview with Dave Brecon, our Design Director, on honing your craft in a different country and the effect this can have on your creative process and output. This also tee’s up nicely our up-coming designer exchange with Studio Erretres in Madrid; more of which in future issues.
Despite the slightly unnerving ending that 2016 offered up, we’re feeling remarkably spritely and up for making 2017 a year of open collaboration and fearless creative entrepreneurship — Duende!

So please, if you would like a copy, please drop us a line at and we’ll gladly put one in the post.

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