How to spot an entrepreneur

At Hello, we thrive on working with ambitious entrepreneurial clients intent on growing their businesses. They work fast, they work hard and they have the confidence to let us in and work alongside them as part of the team.

What we look for is people who have the appetite and tenacity for success, not just people who are willing to pay us. We want partnerships, a meeting of minds, not supplier contracts. So how do we spot an entrepreneurial attitude and the potential for a great working relationship?

Insights over ideas:

Many think it is those lucky people with good ideas that become successful, but it’s not about that — ideas are easy and we see lots of them. Entrepreneurs don’t just have ideas, they come with insight. Sometimes it’s from a sector they already know inside-out and sometimes it is because they have been watching and connecting other ideas already out there. Either way, they see an opportunity, and they can talk about the size and shape of that potential, not just wax lyrical about a nice idea.

Positive attitude over wishful thinking:

Positive attitudes, the acceptance of risk and a willingness to be challenged are the key traits we see in good business people. They are not afraid to surround themselves with other smart people and they listen to ideas that might be different to their own. They are team players, collaborators and delegators. They are ultimately optimists, because they believe they will succeed, but they don’t pretend everything is fine if it’s not.

Action over analysis:

Entrepreneurs might not have all the resources and all the data, but they’ll figure out how to make things work. They don’t get stuck in over analysing or get hung-up on a detailed business plan. Instead they evolve and tweak their business in response to feedback and experimentation. They aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Where others might avoid risk, entrepreneurs seek potential and a challenge motivates them to act, sometimes more so than the money.

Endurance over the dash:

Good business people appreciate the long haul of getting an idea to market or boosting a business to the next level. There are sprint phases and decisive moves along the way, but they know that what may seem to the outside world as ‘overnight success’ is usually a culmination of experience, investment and perseverance. Having the energy and capacity to keep going is vital. The conviction that the end goal really matters and maintaining hope, even when knock-backs occur, carries people through the inevitable peaks and troughs of the longer journey.

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