Letterpress Revival

When it comes to stationery, it’s really not something we ‘need’ any more, it obviously serves a purpose, but it’s not one that couldn’t be replaced by an email or pdf nowadays. Saying this though, our stationery has always been something I’ve relished the opportunity to splash out on, and to use finishes, materials and processes just for the hell of it.

Those who have known us for some time, will know how lavish our stationery has been in the past, we’ve tried it all, with a variety of success and failure (the white on white was a bit of a low point), well this time I wanted to get back to basics, 100% cotton paper and letterpress, proper stamped-hard-by-blokes-in-Glasgow, letterpress — timeless.

Why letterpress? well it just felt right to get as analogue as possible at a time when our work was diversifying across a huge range of digital media and devices — as challenging and interesting as it may be, part of me still loves the craft and simplicity of ink pressed into paper by metal type.

I tried to explain to a digital art-director friend why this ‘realness’ was important (not ironic) and why I still love to write letters, hand over cards and scribble a personal note on a compliment slip — this is a time when communication is so easy, we can easily tap out messages on a vast array of devices and through many channels, but as much as we crowbar in emojis and wittily edit our avatars, nothing really compares to the tactile, personal touch of a hand-written note on textured cotton stock with a deep inked logotype.

We used Glasgow Press for this latest stationery, Look them up.

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