Look at us… banging our own drum again!

This time it’s because our in-house publication, Dossier, has won the Editorial Design category at the 2017 Drum Design Awards.

Dossier is a self-promotional publication set up to share thoughts, insights and inspirations from our journeys with clients, collaborators and friends. Our aim is to provide an insider view of our studio processes, encourage collaboration between our clients, and share the lessons learned in our work creating and developing brands for high-growth businesses.

We’re really pleased with this win, especially as we’re only two issues in. So a big thank you to all of our contributors, and subscribers.

The next issue of Dossier is just around the corner, if you would like a copy, drop us a line at dossier@01134.co.uk If you’d like to read more about Dossier you can see Issue 1 here and Issue 2 here.

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