Real Virtual Internship

We’re offering an exciting internship opportunity for those inquisitive minds looking to tinker in Unity…

We are looking to hire a (paid) intern to work with us exploring ways that new VR/AR/XR technologies and tools can add value to the brands we build and develop. You need to be inquisitive, creative and open minded, this is a very loose experimental period for us, we aren’t looking for cheap labour to code existing work, we are looking for fresh perspective, someone to work alongside our creatives to just play and see what happens — simple as that. Do good things and good things will happen.

So if you have a couple of months (at least) free, we have some decent kit, a stack of loose ideas, some smart people and are offering you a bit of cash, some great experience and enough free-reign to make your mark.

You will need to be able to chuck a bit of code about, have some experience using unity, and be willing to learn as you go — we don’t know yet where this will lead, but if it’s fun and productive, then who knows.

Email Jamie Gallagher with a short letter saying who you are and what you do, and with some examples of work. No qualifications are required, so don’t worry if you’re not at college / university or a graduate — if you think you can do this – just get in touch.

Closing date for applications is 14th February 2018.

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