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Personalisation is a massive trend in the stationery market at the moment. Kids are as keen as mustard to collect, customise, swap and personalise. Our creatives got stuck in with the product development team at Tinc, and after a couple of months of hard work (blood, sweat and a few giggles) BUDS have arrived!



We designed over 100 different BUDS: characters, letters, numbers and even unique Tincymojis. Having the freedom to create the weird and wonderful products you see here is a real treat for any agency. And it’s brave and trusting clients like Tinc that make enjoyable projects like this possible.

The product teams at Tinc and Hello worked closely (and fast) on BUDS — it’s the kind of project that larger agencies and heftier brands would never achieve in the timeframes. Working instinctively, with teams who really get each other and feel free to create — for a client who encourages the creativity and momentum — is a joy to experience. It results in the kind of work you see here: work we are really proud of.


We’re looking forward to developing this product brand and the range of products offered, and we expect to see this being a huge success for Tinc (and as usual expect to see heftier brands copying us again). Keep an eye out for more BUDS and for more great products from Tinc in the near future.



See more of our work for Tinc in the full case study.

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