Murray Uniforms have spent years serving the rigorous workwear markets and they wanted to step into the more lucrative corporate wear arena. After some solid research we felt they could sucessfully straddle both, and helped them to find space in a crowded market amongst competitors who sat firmly in one camp or the other.

Making design part of the business case represented a new direction for Murray Uniforms, encapsulated in the ‘work smarter’ proposition.

Jamie Gallagher — Creative Director, Hello

From their deep heritage in tailoring, their understanding of garment engineering and proven ability to deliver volume nationally for price sensitive clients through their ‘workwear’ experience, we helped them to make a compelling business case by bringing the much needed commercial rigour to the ‘style over substance’ led Corporate-wear sector — ‘tailored for business’, if you will.

Murray now provide workwear, corporate workwear and corporate wear as a fully managed service to some of the UK’s leading brands. From bespoke design and manufacture to PPE, footwear and accessories, Murray keep them looking good and working smarter.