Temple & Ivy

Temple & Ivy

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Exquisite lighting — inspired by nature, handmade in England.

Temple & Ivy create beautiful interior lighting, combining traditional sculpture with modern materials and the rich textures and flamboyance of the natural world. Sculpted and forged in Somerset using traditional cold cast bronze resin and carbon fibre they are a beautiful example of design innovation: blending classic and contemporary influences.

Inspired by nature, handmade in England.

Hand drawn patterns reflect the ethnic heritage and craft of the products.

Exhibition look-book.

A quirky fold with interchangeable product cards.

Nicky and Sue spent several months in Kenya and Zimbabwe, photographing and tracking birds to then curate their range of products. Capturing this natural influence was the first journey, now they needed a brand, bold and characterful enough to take them on the rest of it.

With stockists across the country, from the iconic Kings Road, to the hip lighting studios of Cornwall, Temple & Ivy are gracefully poised to reap the rewards of their hard work and tenacious pursuit of perfection — Inspired by nature, handmade in England.